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Here is a list of Questions and Answers often asked.

Q. How long will it take for my package to arrive?

A. There are two shipping options. The first is regular airmail sent from the Israeli post office. The second is Express 5-7 days mail via EMS service of the Israeli post office. We ship within7business days of placing your order

For packages going to North America:

If you did not send your package via EMS, it will be sent out once a week usually on Thursday or Sunday from Jerusalem registered airmail. It should take 3-4 weeks for the package to arrive.

For packages going to Europe:

If you did not send your package via EMS, it will be sent out within one week of your order regular airmail from the Israeli post office here in Jerusalem. It should take 1 1/2-3 weeks for the package to arrive.

For packages going to South Africa, Australia or other countries:

If you did not send your package via EMS, it will be sent out within one week of your order regular airmail from the Israeli post office here in Jerusalem. It should take 3-5 weeks for the package to arrive.

For packages sent via EMS:

Your package will be sent out within one week of placing the order. It should take 5-7 business days to arrive from the day the package was sent.

Q. How do I get my package sooner?

A. Just make sure you pick the best shipping option for you.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. We offer a full 30 day refund not including the shipping cost from Jerusalem, Israel to your location. You must also pay for the return shipping.

  • Any item that is not in its original condition, is damaged, or is missing parts for reasons not due to our error: up to 50% of item's price.

  • Any item in original condition that is returned more than 30 days after delivery: 80% of item's price.



Q. What kind of co-op are you?

A. We are a unique concept on the Internet. We are an artists' co-op online. Our website is a virtual shared showroom. The advantage of a co-op to you is that you get a great selection and you buy direct from the artist. We provide that advantage to you and more with our growing website!


Q. So, how does this work?

A. When you place an order on the site your money is deposited in our business account in the US. We then take your dollars out over here in shekels. Each artist receives the full price they are asking for each item they are selling on the site. Then the orders are packed once a week and shipped out all over the world.


Q. How can I trust you? You're over there in Jerusalem and I'm over here!

A. We have been around for over 11 years now and had over 10,000 customers buy from us in that time. We occasionally sell pieces on eBay. You can see our user comments on eBay by clicking here. Also we are PayPal verified which you can check by Official PayPal Seal clicking here. Our reputation numbers on PayPal are outstanding! (You'll need to log in to your PayPal account to see them).

If you are placing a bulk order and would like the e-mail or phone number of other customers who have placed bulk orders and received their artwork without any problems, please contact me at and I will forward you the information.

Q. I really want to help out the Israeli economy. How does buying from you help?

A. Outside of moving here, there is just about no better way to support the local economy.

Every dollar you spend on the site is guaranteed to be spent over here. When you make a purchase on the site, we take the money out of the local ATM and then pay our Bezek (phone company) bills, Arnona (city taxes), eat lunch at the local falafel stand, buy Titulim diapers and Bamba snacks for our kids, and use the money to live off of. Your money is going directly, 100% into the Israeli economy.

More facts about us:

  • We are located in Jerusalem, Israel which means you are buying artwork made in Israel and shipped from here. You will be directly supporting the Israeli economy through your purchase.

  • All of our artwork comes direct from the artists' studios so we sell direct to you, not through a distributor. Therefore, you'll find better prices on our site than you would outside of Israel.

  • We have sold to more than 10,000 individual customers therefore you can know your piece will be sent to you. You can have piece of mind knowing once you've placed and order, it will be sent out.

  • Everything on the site (outside of the prints) is handmade so each piece is unique and one of kind. You can tell your friends that no one else has a piece like this.

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All of our items are made in Israel and shipped directly from Jerusalem, Israel.